Electric harp car?!?!

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    elisa-thorn on #237344

    Has anyone has any luck fitting a pedal harp into any of the new electric cars on the (north amercian) market? Most of them are pretty small cross overs but I’m still hanging on to a fantasy that a semi-grand pedal could fit into one. I’m working with an L&H semigrand 85e.
    I know there’s a Chrysler Pacific minivan but that seems to be about it. Anyone have any luck with an electric car? Kia soul or niro? Nisaan Leaf? Hyunadai kona? thnx!

    Miriam Shilling on #237350

    Hi. I don’t have any knowledge of electric cars, but after my old truck finally died, I wanted to drive a stick shift with better gas mileage. I am now driving a Kia Soul. My 46-string Venus pedal harp fits…just barely. I do have to load it the “wrong” way, though, so I pad it well to keep the pins from breaking off. So, perhaps this is not a recommended harp car, but, if you also wish to drive something smaller, I’m just letting you know it is possible.

    leisesturm on #237493

    I certainly don’t know, but I can’t see a 46 string SG fitting into a Nissan Leaf. But that would not stop me from buying a Leaf. Such are the future. For the Planet, if not for ones own finances.

    If I were to come out with a line of medium to large size covered trailers that one could use to tow their Harps in if they choose to own small gas or electric vehicles that simply have no space inside for a full size Harp, would anyone here buy one? What would you want to pay for such a thing? 🙂

    balfour-knight on #238029

    I prefer the Subaru Forester for my concert grand harp. I refer to this car as “the smallest car that can comfortably hold a concert grand!” My wife and I ride very nicely in the front seats, with plenty of room in the back for the harp, bench, cart, luggage, etc. Who knows, Subaru may come out with an electric Forester!

    Howard, I have a pianist friend who owns a pick-up truck and a trailer just for transporting his Steinway B grand piano! That is a seven-foot grand!

    Happy Holidays everyone,

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