Eighteen- too old to start?

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    unknown-user on #167670

    Hey guys! Im an 18 year old living in New Zealand and recently I’ve
    seriously been considering taking up harp lessons…I’ve always been
    somewhat fascinated by the soothing beauty of its sound, and the
    rarity of the instrument itself..
    Do you reckon its too late to learn a new instrument at age 18? Im
    not sure if this will help but Ive played piano for 10 years and
    violin for 5 and half years…but then they are completely different
    instruments, so Im kinda bit lost here..
    I honestly wish I’d started out earlier but I now just want to take
    up the chance before it is too late..
    Also, how long does it usually take to become proficient in playing
    harp?I mean, like a professional. heh sounds impatient I know but
    just curious 😛
    It’ll be awesome if you guys could reply to my question, I’ve
    searched here and there all around the web before I stumbled into
    here and you guys really seem to know heaps about playing harp.


    unknown-user on #167671

    Hi, Clara!
    In my opinion, it’s never too late to start, and you will see many, many people on this discussion board who did not take up the harp until much later in life than 18!

    evelyn-tiffany-castiglioni on #167672

    Eighteen is definitely not too late.

    Evangeline Williams on #167673

    I didn’t decide to play harp until right after my freshman year of high school, when I was 14.

    unknown-user on #167674

    Hello! thank you all for your responses, it is definitely encouraging and I cant wait to play harp! 😀

    unknown-user on #167675

    i was a music education major in college (my main instrument was bassoon), and i am now
    working in a mortgage office. i’m 25 and i just bought my harp, and just began lessons
    last month! i’m not to hot yet, but being able to read music already definately accelerates
    your learning! it’s nice because you can focus on your technique instead of what a quarter
    note is! this website is defniately lots of help! they helped me decide which harp to buy
    and everything!
    good luck with your adventures!

    unknown-user on #167676

    You’re never too old to do anything. That’s what is so great about the human mind and spirit. We can do anything we put our minds to. (Okay, I just really sounded like a motivational speaker right there. Sorry.)
    Anyway, there is no “proper” age to begin the harp. However, if you wanted to go pro, then it would be beneficial to begin at a younger age. But that is not to say that you can’t go pro starting now. Anyway, I’m not making much sense today, but good luck! You have our support and well-wishing!

    unknown-user on #167677

    Hi Clara!

    unknown-user on #167678

    With 10 years of piano, you’ll be fine.

    I started harp at around 29 or 30, with a bachelor’s degree on trombone, and experience playing many other instruments.

    unknown-user on #167679

    Pssh… you’re never two old to start the harp. Also, unlike the violin(well, and most other instruments for that matter) harp sounds good whether you’ve played for 10 minutes or 10 years. With you’re experience on the piano you shouldn’t have any problem at all. My teacher says that they aren’t too dissimilar.

    unknown-user on #167680

    Hi everyone…! Again thank you very much for your lovely comments..:D
    wow I cant believe how 6 months went by so quickly!!!!
    I’ve definitely taken up more courage after reading you guys comments…and after months of convincing my parents…
    And it is all thanks to you guys!! 😀
    This holidays I was actually intending to upgrade my violin to better one, but honestly I think I’ve had enough of violin…and not trying to sound full of myself or anything, but although im currently studying for Grade 8 I dont think I’ll have a chance

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