Edinburgh International Harp Festival… Cancelled but now online!

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    evolene_t on #244539

    Hello everyone!

    As you can imagine, the Edinburgh International Harp Festival that takes places from April 3rd to 8th, was cancelled.

    However, they have managed the impressive feat of making the festival go online! Concerts, classes and sheet music are being made available online at the moment at this address :


    And it’s all free!

    Here is a copy of their official announcements :

    Announcing the VIRTUAL Edinburgh International Harp Festival

    Yes, we are thrilled to announce that we WILL have a harp festival from the 3rd-8th April – the VIRTUAL Edinburgh International Harp Festival!
    Whilst we cannot all be together this year in Edinburgh, the EIHF still wants to give you the chance to experience some happy harping.
    From the evening of Friday the 3rd of April until the evening of Wednesday the 8th April, we will be uploading daily videos.
    You will be able to learn some tunes/skills with our 1pm harp tutor videos AND every evening at 7.30pm you will be able to enjoy some fantastic harp music videos.
    We’re very excited about this, and we really hope it will make you smile in what is challenging times for us all.
    Lastly, if you’d like to keep yourself occupied until the Virtual EIHF begins, many harp tutors and players are offering online harp lessons and have books/cds for sale and download. Please look them up via their website/facebook pages to help support them.

    Super impressed by this initiative and their spunk to keep everything going with all of the problems going on. I sure hope that other harps festivals that will take place later this year will be inspired, if restrictions are still in place then!

    Enjoy 🙂

    Veronika on #244573

    That’s amazing. How generous of them. I’d never have got to go there and now there is this opportunity. I’ve already discovered a musician new to me – Tom Daun.

    Thanks for posting the link!

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