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    unknown-user on #167962

    I am looking into buying a lap harp to travel with, but don’t want
    to spend a huge amount of money. Also, I want to find one that will
    fit in an overhead compartment of an airplane, if possible (is it?)
    so the shorter the better. Oh, one more question, I purchased a used
    Thormahlen Swan a year and a half ago from my teacher; it is in
    great condition and sounds wonderful, but some of the varnish on the
    soundboard has been worn off near the top. Can this be fixed? Any
    thoughts on either subject would be much appreciated, thanks!

    kim-adamson on #167963

    Hi Miriam,
    You may want to consider an R harp.

    unknown-user on #167965

    Thanks so much for the suggestions, I’m keeping my eyes open.

    Evangeline Williams on #167966

    I would definately recommend the “R” harp.

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