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    Elizabeth Kelly on #166045

    Hi everybody–I was wondering if any harpists out there wear ear plugs when they are playing. I have thought about doing so multiple times (not just for orchestra pieces but for solo playing as well). Would anyone recommend this? If so, are there special kinds of ear plugs that would be better than others?

    catherine-rogers on #166046

    I got musicians’ ear plugs for orchestra but have also used them for other jobs. I have even worn them when attending a show or concert that was amplified, as they’re always too loud. You can also use just one on occasion, depending on your needs.
    Get them from a store that sells and tests for hearing aids. They should have a brochure specifically about ear plugs for musicians. Mine came with a choice of filters, 15 or 25 decibel. Get the higher number. They will be custom fitted to your ear canal, which means they make a mold of your ear and send it off to be made.
    I think mine were about $125. Totally worth it. You can hear the conductor speaking and all the music, but it cuts the intensity so it’s no longer painful to sit near the piccolo or the percussion or brass.

    Tacye on #166047

    I have an ordinary cheap pair in my harp clutter bag, the sort that were a couple of pounds from a travel gadget shop, a step up from the foam things. I wear one (left) or both sometimes when sitting through noisy rehearsals without much harp.

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