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    Mel Sandberg on #156084

    Dear Everyone

    A while ago, I saw a reference on a thread to the above harp manufacturers in China.

    Bonnie Shaljean on #156085

    Thread is here (though the hyperlink may not work so you might have to copy-&-paste):


    Their website http://www.eagleharp.com gives phone and postal address, though you can always take a blind shot and try “sales@eagleharp.com” because websites have email facilities, and the word “sales” ought to grab somebody’s attention. There are a number of Chinese harpmakers out there, with people reporting mixed reactions to their experience of them.

    Bonnie Shaljean on #156086

    Me again. Went and had another look. A number of their pedal harps bear a suspiciously strong resemblance to those made by long-established and well known firms elsewhere.

    Mel Sandberg on #156087


    Thanks very much for your warnings.

    Mel Sandberg on #156088

    Hi Bonnie, me again.
    As for prices, Horngacher (Germany) also doesn’t have prices, but they have an e=mail address, and one can request a price list.
    Here is another surprise:
    (Sorry, sometimes, I can’t create a link.

    nadav-kon on #156089


    Although this is an old tread I did not see any new reference to that factory.

    I had a visit to that factory recently and wrote a short article about it.
    You can read it and see the pictures here

    I also have a piece on the Camac and Salvi factories but I didn’t bother writing them in English since they are well known. The pages have some interesting pictures though.

    You are more then welcome to ask any question here, on our Facebook page or even VIA email.



    nadav-kon on #156090

    Hello again,

    The English piece is on the same page as the Hebrew one. You just have to scroll down.

    I apologize but most of the visits to my site were from Israel till now…



    nadav-kon on #156091

    If you can’t find the right pieces it is because I mixed up the links!
    I apologize!

    here are the right ones:

    Camac harps:

    Eagle harps:

    Salvi harps

    I am sorry for that, I hope one of the managers can fix this up. in any case the links should work now. The only English page is at the bottom half of Eagle harp.

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