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    unknown-user on #161680

    Hi there! I am in the process of just beginning to get harp lessons with a teacher – but am eager to get a head start!! I wanted to know if anyone has any thoughts/has seen the following videos

    unknown-user on #161681

    I don’t know what’s in the Schlomovitz Method, but I don’t think she was ever considered Salzedo trained, at least not by Miss Lawrence, who was the source. Her video is very important as a document of her playing and teaching, with excellent demonstrations by Elizabeth Morse. It is not a very professional production, unfortunately, but when Miss Lawrence got moving on a project, it had to get done regardless of minor details like sound. Her

    unknown-user on #161682

    Wow – Thank you Saul for the insight! I think I will get her dvd – and I will definitely search for her on YouTube! Kind regards – William

    unknown-user on #161683

    Sorry, it’s not there yet. I don’t have a dvd drive to upload it from. Several people have copies, and you can catch sometimes on public tv on the Classic Arts Showcase, which is where it was captured from. It’s not public domain, exactly, or might be, but it’s not on the market either. That said, your teacher is your most important source. And reading the Method carefully, just don’t take arms parallel to the floor too literally, it just means elbows up enough for the arm to support the hands and transfer force from your back. Who are you studying with?

    patricia-jaeger on #161684

    William, I am familiar with the Schlomovitz Beginning Harp Book Nos 1 and 2, each with videos, produced by Salvi Harps, and featuring Renee Schlomovitz Quinn demonstrating the pieces in the books. I’m also familiar with Pamela Bruner’s Books 1 and 2, and DVD of both together, called “Play The Harp Beautifully.” Both of these publications are about the same price, and each is very good for learning the harp. Depending on which literature you wish to learn to play, I think you will find that the Bruner

    jan-fetty on #161685

    If visit Pamela Bruner’s website, http://www.pamelabrunermusic.com/harp_books.php

    unknown-user on #161686

    Thanks Patricia! Great insight – will definitely try to head (up) to Virginia Harp Center – or (down) to Atlanta Harp Center = I’m kind of in the middle here in Charlotte NC!! Kind regards – William

    unknown-user on #161687

    Hi Saul! Thanks again for your input! I will actually contact our local pbs channel here in Charlotte to find out times that they might be broadcasting this… Also our University channels puts on quite a bit of “arts” video footage – might be worth while for me to contact them as well… Thanks for the tip!

    unknown-user on #161688

    Thanks Jan for the link! Great! Will now go and take a look at it! Kind regards – William

    unknown-user on #161689
    Hi there,
    harpglo-jean on #161690

    Carian, not familiar with those two CDs/books, but I’ve heard great things about the Sylvia Woods’ DVD, “Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp”…I have the music book to that, and it’s terrific!…you might want to check out ebay for the DVD, or Amazon.com…or Sylvia Woods’ Harp Center, harpcenter.com, has them for, I think $64.00?..



    jan-fetty on #161691

    Carian, if you go to the virtualharpcircle group on Yahoo, I think you’ll find posts by members who use Pamela Bruner and Cindy Kleinstuber methods.

    unknown-user on #161692


    How much does Dewey Owens appear the “Method for the Harp”

    brenda-lee on #161693

    Hi Saul,

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