Dusty Strings Ravenna 26

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    Cassie M on #75857

    After A LOT of thought(seriously it was about all that I could think about 24/7 for a while now), I decided to get the Ravenna 26. Although most would assume it is the cost, which is a HUGE part of it, I also happen to like the looks of it a lot better than comparable harps out there. Maybe because its a bit more modern? I’m not sure. Until I can get one of those gorgeous pedal harps that cost $$$$$ and look like the belong in a castle, I think it will suit me best.

    But anyways, to hold me over until I can get it, (I’m putting a down payment on it soon but will pay over a 3 month basis) I was hoping to here from anyone else who has it! Especially pictures! All I can seem to find are the stock photos, and I would love to see others. So if anyone can just reassure me that putting almost $1000 into such a unsure thing was the right move, that would be much appreciated! 😀 I’m terrified of having such a large payment, because I never have in my life, but I believe that it will be well worth the hard work and long wait!

    One last thing: I OFFICIALLY FOUND MY TEACHER! As a believer in Christ, I had believed that He told me she was the right one. Oddly she was the only teacher I couldn’t get a hold of! But I’m really am happy to have finally figured out who it is and talked with her! (Hello if she’s reading this! 🙂 ) Thanks to everyone for the support!

    Cassie M on #75858

    I forgot to add, this particular Ravenna has C and F levers. It also comes with the case, which saves me close to $100! Plus the shipping is very fair compared to the $160 shipping I almost paid! I just feel that this is the harp for me. Everything kinda landed in place and I have faith that the job will too.

    jennifer-buehler on #75859


    Cassie M on #75860

    Thanks for the tip Jennifer! I’ll try to get the legs! I’ll be going to the Virginia Harp Center soon, and hopefully they’ll have one so I can pick it up without the shipping! I didn’t know the stability was even a concern! I learn so much from here every day! 🙂

    harpglo-jean on #75861

    Hi Cassie, Congratulations on your Ravenna purchase!

    Cassie M on #75862

    Thanks Gloria! I’m so glad to hear that! I think I’ll really enjoy the portability aspect. All my friends love to bring their instruments to school to play together and its nice to know I might be able to join in sometime. I’m also over my grandmas a lot and I know it would be fun to play at Christmastime especially! 🙂

    don morin on #75863

    good for you!!! you sound so excited….i am buying a ravenna 34…….i should have it by the first week of september……..i cant wait either

    Cassie M on #75864

    enjoy your Ravenna also! Wow thats soon! I won’t be getting mine till probably November, but at least I know its “mine”. They even have my name on it! haha

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