Dusty Strings FHS 36 bubinga vs Dusty Strings Crescendo 34

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    laurence-furr on #155421

    I am about to purchase a Dusty Strings harp. I’m trying to decide between a new Crescendo 34 (which is made only from Sapele wood) or a 6 year old 36S made in bubinga wood. It is in pristine condition. I have not played either harp. I am a beginner harpist but have 3 degrees in music, including two in organ performance.

    The recordings at DS website sound similar. Can someone comment who has played both? I know that the Crescendo has a birch plywood soundboard which is supposed to be excellent in all conditions. The bubinga has aged 6 years and supposedly, the solid wood soundboards (mahogany & spruce) keep getting better with age.

    The 36S is a very good price. If I get the Crescendo, am I passing by the “Steinway” of harps for a “Yamaha?” smile….

    Advise please!

    Thanks! Laurence

    Rachel on #155422

    One thing to consider, which has nothing to do with sound, is that only a new harp bought from Dusty or from a licensed store will give you the 5-year warranty.

    daniele-di on #155423

    Just be careful about the FH36S…I don`t know where are you buying it but I`ve never seen in my life a “very good priced” FH36 😛 the usual sale price is really high, so double check that it is allright! and of course it would be so much better to be able to try it 🙂

    Anyway, it`s a wonderful harp, I have the same!

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