Dusty Strings FH26 – do the older versions hold up (1988)?

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    Janie Gillies on #70603

    Hi – am considering buying an older FH26 (from 1988). Does anyone have an old FH 26 and can you tell me how it has held up over time?


    Dot Pecson on #70604

    Well, I can’t quite go back to 1988, but I have a Dusty (34 strings) that my dh gave me on our first anniversary in April 1995. It has been well-loved and well-lugged-around, although it has never been shipped anywhere.

    It’s in fine fettle now, sounds better if anything than when I first got it. Oh, I do know it sat in the music store for a few years before I got it – because I loved dropping into the store and playing it!


    andee-craig on #70605

    I’ve got a Dusty Srings FH 26 that is at least 14 years old and still in excellent condition after flying overseas once and once from Philly to Florida.

    sherry-lenox on #70606

    Dusty Strings harps seem very versatile for numerous tytpes of music. Are they frisky enough for rapid Irish and Scottish music?

    andee-craig on #70607

    Are they *ever*!!

    HBrock25 on #70608

    My old Dusty Strings FH36A(Modified Neck) is going to be 23 years old in February, and is solid as a rock.

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