Dusty Spring pick-up mic/pre-amp advice needed

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    Gretchen Cover on #186907

    I just ordered a Dusty Springs pick-up mic for my pedal harp. I’m looking forward to using it for gigs and tuning. I would prefer not to use glue or anything permanent to hold the mic in place. I also ordered the pre-amp. Any advice on installing and using this equipment would be greatly appreciated.

    Janis Cortese on #186908

    DS sells a little clamp thing that you can use to anchor the pickup, I think.


    Gretchen Cover on #186911

    Thanks, Janis. I did order a clamp rather than drill a hole in the harp base for the connecting jack. I still have to install the mic inside the harp.

    Janis Cortese on #186912

    Ah — gotcha. Dur. 🙂

    emma-graham on #187058

    I don’t know if they would work with a Dusty pick up, or if they are available in the US, but I use command picture hanging strips to attach the Jack end of my pickup (Fishman) to the underside of the harp. They are like Velcro but sticky in one side. They can be stuck on and remain rock solid, but are removed easily with no damage or residue. The strips are permanently on my harp but I can Velcro the pickup on or off whenever I need it.


    Gretchen Cover on #187067

    Emma, thank you so much for the needed advice. A computer tech helped me put the mic in yesterday. Right now I just have some tape over the pickups to make sure they are in the correct place. I still needed to figure out how to keep the jack end secure so this will help. I wasn’t too comfortable with the clip that came with the kit. I use Command hooks and had not even thought to look at the other products. I have a lot of the hook backings so I am now going to try one to hold the mic in place. I appreciate your help.

    BTW, I am following your hand saga and my thoughts are with you to get better.

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