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    Rachael Rosenbaum on #182553


    SO, I recently finally got THE harp! My last one was an old and used harp which I thankfully recently sold. My harp now is a fabulous Salvi Livia.

    My old harp didn’t have a dust cover, but this one does…. I assume it is meant to cover the harp whenever not in use? But the trouble is, I really like to see my harp. I like that when I pass by or through the room it is in, I see it. It just feels good, feels right… to be more often in its presence.

    Is there a problem with not leaving the dust cover on? If I polish the harp regularly, would this not be a problem?

    Thanks for any experience/advice!

    patricia-jaeger on #182645


    The clear plastic jacket or shirt covers from a dry-cleaning store might be just right to cover your Livia. You could deal with the opening at the top, which was for putting the dry-cleaning item on a hanger, in some way; perhaps with clear tape after a bit of trimming. I use such a clear cover on a 1/2 size cello which rests in a nice wooden box lined with velvet (sold by SHAR) upright in my studio. I agree; the beauty of a music instrument should be enjoyed, besides the sound.

    Janis Cortese on #182656

    Would clear plastic be safe in an area with high humidity? I’m not saying it wouldn’t be; I actually don’t know.

    Sid Humphreys on #182667

    I play my harp every day and don’t leave it covered. The only times I have covered it is when I go away on vacation. I do DUST it regularly. I POLISH once a year year with L&H harp polish. Salvi makes a polish as well. Don’t over polish your harp, it’s bad for the finish….

    Rachael Rosenbaum on #182742

    Thanks everyone!

    emma-graham on #182785

    I have a dog (who likes to roll in mud) and an open fire. Dust covers on every harp when not in use. Also protects from accidental knocks and from any sunlight. Not often a problem here in the UK mind you!

    Sylvia on #182797

    I cover my harps only when transporting them to a playing job.
    I dust them occasionally (not too good a housekeeper)….soft cloth for board and pastry brush for discs, etc.
    I have cats who would probably love to climb up harp covers (mine are canvas and nylon).

    emma-graham on #182814

    Ah yes, the cat issue! I’m not sure if this link will work but this was my harp last week while it was having a little holiday at my duet partners house!

    eliza-morrison on #182831

    Like you, I enjoy looking at my harps. I only cover them when I’m going away (or moving them, obviously). Other than that, I keep them out of sunlight, dust the action with a soft brush and wipe the board and body with a tiny bit of room-temperature spring water on a soft cloth. I polish once in a blue moon.

    Sylvia on #182879

    A climbing cat can tip the harp over.

    Kimberly Rowe on #182922

    Emma: I have to echo Sylvia’s concern! I had a cat that used to do that and I thought it was so cute until one day I came home and my harp was on the floor badly damaged. Really, not kidding. I didn’t think there was any way she could actually knock it over, but it clearly didn’t fall over by itself. That particular cat is no longer with us, but since then I’ve made a rule to never leave the cover on a harp with a cat in the house. They just love to climb them!

    Sylvia on #182923

    I will defend the cat. It was not the cat’s fault. Ahem. Dogs bark; cats climb. Mother Nature makes them that way.

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