Dust Cover for Ogden

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    jean-mac on #162688

    Just purchased an Ogden which came with a carrying case, but wondering if a lightweight dust cover is available for it?

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #162689


    As one who just made a dust cover for my Webster Cecelia out of purple velvet, I highly recommend making one. I taped a bunch of lightweight paper (could use tissue paper but we had some packing paper here) together to lie the harp down onto and trace around it. Then I measured out 2 inches along the top of the neck and down the sides. I also measured half the width of the back of the harp and went out that far +2 inches in order to have room over the widest part of the soundboard. Voila! I have a pattern now I can use over and over. It was so easy. I sewed strips of velcro down the front opening, making one side of the opening about 3 inches wider than the other so that I could have a flap.

    The velvet was kind of icky to work with on the sewing machine because of its nap, but other than that, it was really very easy…..and it’s quite pretty.


    unknown-user on #162690

    I made a dust cover a year ago with elaborate blue curtain material (bought it cheap as it was the end of a bolt) with silly fringe on the bottom.

    jean-mac on #162691

    Thanks to you ladies for the instructions.

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