Durand Chaconne Metronome Marking

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    rosalind-beck on #147194

    I would be most interested in opinions regarding the marked tempo for this piece in Solos for the Harp Player (Lucille Lawrence), i.e. allegretto, quarter equals 132.

    patricia-jaeger on #147195

    Rosalind, I agree. The piece is lyrical, with the melody line in right hand needing to be brought out. Sometimes there are ornaments such as two-handed trills near a cadence, with no ritardando indicated. To try to keep up with a metronome at the marked speed takes away from the enjoyment of the composition for both harpist and audience, in my opinion. I would suggest a maximum of 116 per quarter beat, and students could start even slower. Then in the various sections allow some rubato to let the piece breathe a bit; otherwise it might sound too mechanical, especially as the main theme keeps recurring.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #147196

    That is a professional’s tempo, I’d say. You can hear a recording of Salzedo playing it online. He does do it that fast. It’s a lively piece. It’s not all that idiomatic to the harp, but if you get your fingers closing well and fast, it is doable at quite a pace. It’s meant to be showy.

    Elizabeth L on #147197

    Where is the link, please?

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