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    Samantha Simpson on #159650

    I recently replaced 2 4th octave strings on my lever harp, and even after a few days, they sound terribly dull. I replaced a F, G, and an A at the same time, and they have been tuned several times a day. I’m pretty sure I strung them correctly, but since I have only had the harp for 4 months, I could have done something wrong. Any explanations/suggestions? Thanks!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #159651

    They can be defective. If there isn’t a problem with the knot you tied, and you didn’t get grease into them or ink or another foreign substance, then they may be from a bad batch of strings. If you are having trouble getting them to stay up to pitch, then that is definitely the case. Be mindful, though, that in the fourth octave, nylon strings have a different quality, not like gut and not like they do higher up, so it may simply be that. Are they a little dull, or really dull?

    barbara-low on #159652

    Since lever harp strings are not standardized as far as diameter of string are concerned, did you use the size string the manufacturer has indicated for the particular harp you are playing?

    Also, harps can be tricky in this way; after you have determined that you got the right diameter string installed in the right place, be sure you have the string tuned to the correct octave.

    If you still aren’t happy with the sound, take it to the place you are renting it from, your teacher or contact a technician.

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