Double Flat in Greensleeves?

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    unknown-user on #162755


    What is a double flat? I found out greensleeves is often played in natural minor scale, when it should be played in melodic minor.

    Melodic minor looks like this apparently:
    D Melodic Minor (Ascending + Descending) = D E F G A B C D C Bdouble flat A G F E D

    So my first question is, what is that Bdouble flat thing? Double flat, right? Not sure how to work that into the harp. I’m guessing its where I would turn a lever up and tune it to a flat. Then I’d lower the lever and it would be even flatter? So double flat?

    Second question is, how the heck do I tune the harp? There are 15 notes right there. My harp goes 2 Cs below middle C. I’m very confused on how to procede.

    I have 2 harps, so I just want to tune one to play like the original greensleeves was played. Thanks for the help!

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #162756

    Why does it have to be in db minor? Why couldn’t you just play it in d minor? And why “should” it be played in melodic minor? I’m not sure leading tones were really popular yet when the tune was originally used.

    jennifer-buehler on #162757

    I would definitely not tune your harp to Db.

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