Don’t you hate it when that happens?

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    Sid Humphreys on #162051

    Last night as I was practicing an orchestral arrangement of Simple Gifts (which isn’t so simple but that’s another thread), I noticed that something was out of tune. Quickly my feet felt across all the pedals and only F was sharp which is correct. I kept playing but there was that horrible out of tune sound again that was coming from more than one string. Suddenly I realized that my F pedal rod was broken! Eek! What to do at 9PM with no other fellow harpist nearby of even a harp tech? Thank goodness my 2nd harp teacher (Juliette Buchanin) insisted that I buy Carl Swanson’s Guide for Harpists! After consulting the book,

    andy-b on #162052

    Thank goodness it was an easy fix, Sid! I had a foot snap off a Salvi McFall lever harp during a wedding once, and had to prop the harp up on one side. If only it had happened at home!

    In your photo, it looks like your harp is ebony and bronze? Very beautiful!


    Sid Humphreys on #162053

    Thanks Andy, yes, ebony and bronze. How funny, I was just looking at your pic thinking how nice your ebony harp is! I do hope that something like this doesn’t happen in the performance, you know, what are the odds?


    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #162054

    Yes, harps are not made to be trundled for distances. One or two blocks is a maximum to have in mind. A foot can come off from sliding it across smooth terrazzo floors. Think of harps as crystal goblets and you should be safe.

    Sid Humphreys on #162055

    I’d never slide a harp on a hard surface Saul, maybe a short scoot ( a few inches) on the carpet but will always pick it up or use a cart on a hard floor.

    don-hilsberg on #162056


    I share your experience, however I wasn’t as lucky as you were with a loose screw.

    Sid Humphreys on #162057

    I found this a good warning when it happened, Don. I now have a full set of pedal rods as well as a full set of pedal springs on hand!

    Ida Slapta on #162058

    You should also order a set of the “new” style pedal couplings for your current rods.

    Mel Sandberg on #162059

    Sid, I also had a broken pedal rod, an E in the middle of a performance of Carmen, just before the Entr’acte.

    Sid Humphreys on #162060

    Ida, yes my new rods do have the new couplings.

    Mel, is that common to go through so many pedal rods?

    I noticed after repairing my harp that the buzz

    Sid Humphreys on #162061

    #%!* Don’t you hate it when that happens?

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