Does anyone know of a good Salzedo school besides Curtis?

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    unknown-user on #167858

    Hi! I’m a junior in HS and I am planning on majoring in harp
    performance in college. But I am not sure what the best Salzedo
    school would be to attend. If you have any suggestions, please let me
    know! Thanx.

    unknown-user on #167859

    Hi Sarah:

    Some good schools with Salzedo-style teachers are the Cleveland Institute of Music (Yolanda Kondonasis is the instructor), Oberlin Conservatory (Kondonasis), Rice University (Paula Page is the Instructor), and the New England Conservatory of Music (Anne Hobson-Pilot is the instructor). I’m sure there are others but these come to mind right away and are some of the best. Who is your teacher, and do they have any recommendations for you?

    Kim from the Harp Column

    Catie on #167860

    You might also look into Boston University (Lucile Lawrence and Elizabeth Morse) and Peabody and University of Maryland (Jean Chalifoux).

    unknown-user on #167861

    Baldwin Wallace College in Berea, Ohio (near Cleveland) is an excellent music school; our grandaughter takes harp lessons from Xao Lei Salovara, an awesome teacher.

    unknown-user on #167862

    i went to oberlin, and while i was not a harp major, i did discover and take up harp there… studying with student teachers.

    unknown-user on #167863

    Hey Sarah,
    There’s always St. Mary’s, Notre Dame, or Valparaiso University with Suzann Davids. Plus you’d get to see Amanda sometime too.

    amanda-acosta on #167864

    Hey Sarah!
    IUSB, St Mary’s and Valparaiso are very good schools and they have an excelent teacher(MRs Davids). I went to visit them this summer and i feel there not only good in harp but in other academic subjects as well.
    It’d be fun to see you there next year!

    gregg-smith on #167865

    My daughter, Julie Smith, has studied six years with Yolanda Kondonassis.

    unknown-user on #167866

    You should also consider Ball State University of Indiana, Prof. Elizabeth Richter, University of Rhode Island, Joan Ceo; Vassar College, Dewey Owens; Faye Seeman in Chicago, many teachers in Michigan, Karen Gottlieb in San Francisco, University of Washington, Pamela Vokolek; University of Texas, Delaine Fedson; and so many more.

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