Does anyone have inofrmation on the Pilgram Progress?

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    unknown-user on #168297

    I am a brand new with the harp. I have had 20 yrs. experience on the
    flute so I have a musical background. I would like make a good
    decision on my first harp. I cannot afford a pedal at this point but
    am thinking of the L&H Prelude or the Pilgram Progress. I don’t know
    much about the Progress, does anybody have any information or godd
    advice on this matter?

    Tacye on #168298

    It should be Pilgrim and I started out on one- see for more details.

    unknown-user on #168299

    I have tried on both Prelude and Pilgrim. I personally prefer the Prelude and wasn’t much impressed by the Pilgrim. But first of all, you need to know that both of these harps are high string-tension harps which I would strongly suggest you to try them out first, to see if you feel the tension is ok with yourself. If you live in US, there’re lots of rental programs (eg. rent to own) available, you might want to rent one for a few months before you decide to purchase one. The Prelude feels very much the same as the pedal harps in terms of string spacing, tension and tone quality. L&H makes non-pedal harps with light-tension too, check them out if you are interested. If you are more interested in playing classical music (which I guess you are, since you’ve played the flute. Hey, me too!) and thinking that you will switch to pedal harp eventually, I think prelude is a pretty good choice, or even the L&H Troubadour, which is just 4 string shorter than Prelude, smaller in size and a few hundred dollar less expensive.

    unknown-user on #168300

    I started out renting a new Prelude.

    unknown-user on #168301

    Last I checked, the VA Harp Center has both in stock to try or call to get their opinion. If you ask him to, I’m sure this Jim guy over there will play both Harps for you over the phone.

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