Does a Celtic and Concert harp count as two different instruments

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    Louis Venus on #165933

    when applying for a music school you generally need one main instrument and one other instrument that is not necessarily at such an advanced standard. Does the lever harp count as a different instrument to the pedal harp??? just wondering…

    lisa-fenwick on #165934

    Emily, Are you sure need a 2nd instrument for music school?

    Abby Kent on #165935

    Saying that the Celtic lever harp and the classsical pedal harp are the same instrument is equivalent to saying Old-Time Appalachian fiddle (a la Cluck Old Hen) is the same as playing a Brahms violin sonata. Playing different genres require vastly different technical techniques, whether with harp or other stringed-instruments. For example, harmonics and glissandos are routinely used for pedal harp,

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