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    The local public classical station in my town just finished it’s fund drive (one of many) and I did not support them this year. I have done so in the past. My reason for not supporting was basically they are such a bad station. They play the same music over and over and over again.


    YES, I support our public radio station. For 5 years we had no classical station, and now that we have one back, YES YES YES!!!! Four times of the same piece in a week is a bit much, but Haydn 4 times repeated is still better than what I hear on the other stations for regular listening.

    Ours is quite good, however. You will often hear harp on ours.



    Paul- I understand your complaint completely. Even in Boston the public radio classical programing has been seriously degraded over the years. We used to have 2 public radio stations and one commercial one, and they all played classical music all day long. Now only 1 of the two public radio stations is classical. The other one is now all news and talk radio(interesting but not music) and the commercial one stopped classical programing a few years ago. There is a Harvard student station that plays a lot of classical, and in many ways they are the best. Several times a year they have their “orgy period’ where they pick one composer, or one performer and play everything they can get their hands on by that composer or performer. Years ago they did a Haydn orgy, and played, opus number by opus number, everything that Haydn wrote. It was a revelation and is still talked about today.

    My main complaint about many classical stations, public and commercial, is that they play “background music”. Stuff that can be played in an office or work space without intruding on the activities in the office. So they play mostly instrumental music. Never choral, opera, etc. And they tend to play only the most famous or most popular music by composers. If they play Mozart, it’s Eine Kleine Nacht Musik, if Beethoven, the 5th symphony, Rachmaninov- Variations on a theme by Paganini. I hope I never hear any of those pieces ever again.

    But back to your post. I understand your frustration, but not supporting the station is not going to get the desired result. You don’t want the station to disappear. You want it to change. Not supporting the station financially runs the risk of a)the station closing down, or b) eliminating classical music altogether because it’s not getting enough financial support. So my advice is: support the station financially but keep complaining. You have more clout when they know you give them money. You could even start collecting money from friends and colleagues so the amount you are giving them is much larger. The more money you can give them, the more they are going to listen. Also, make your complaints known to the arts section of your local newspaper. Get them to write an article about the issue.

    Years ago National Public Radio came up with an absolutely hairbrained classical music news program that they then sold to the local stations. The program played parts of symphonies and then faded them out to start a news story about some classical event. In other words, the music was blatantly used as background music. But there were other things too.

    After listening to the first two or three programs, I wrote a letter to the Boston Globe about it. My letter got printed with a frame around it and drawings of musical instruments! A week or two later that awful program was off the radio.

    So continue to give money and even, if you can, raise money for them. But make a big stink as well.


    If you have a good


    I think WCPE (89.7), in North Carolina is a great station. If you have a good internet connection you can stream it.


    WRCJ 90.9 FM in Detroit is awesome as well. You can get their streaming on the internet here:

    After a rather rugged start with some rather odd announcers, they seem to have gotten it together really well. My favorite is Dave Wagner in the morning, but that’s because he’s a personal


    Oh, but forgot they go to jazz at 7:00 pm for overnight…..not my favorite genre, but I rarely listen to them in the evening anyway.


    Catherine Heise

    Briggsie beat me to it. After 10 years with no classical radio in Detroit, the Detroit Public Schools and Detroit Public Radio teamed up to create We R Classical and Jazz.


    Your right Carl, I gave in a did support them. Even with my neg comments, I have to admit that we are lucky here in Denver to have a 24/7 Classical station and they do support the local arts very well.

    As for internet listening. I love to listen to out of Hartford Conn. They even take request!


    Paul- Send them a list of music you would like to hear them play. Especially do that next time you send them a check!

    Christian Frederick

    Yes… I’ve supported them for years.

    I listen to four NPR stations in my car only. I usually listen to the jazz programs occasionally, 4 PM news on the local NPR, and two NPR stations on Sirius Satellite Radio. By donating to my local station, money eventually goes all over.

    I do not listen to Classical Radio on NPR. I listen to the Classical stations on Satellite Radio. If I’m in the mood for elevator music, I listen to Classical Pop, but if I want drama, I listen to Opera. It’s my choice, and I like choices.


    Honestly I don’t because I just never listen to the radio.

    I am a subscription member of the local symphony and make extra donations to them and the local youth orchestra each year.

    Since I attend the symphony more than I listen to the radio I prefer to make my donations there, plus I prefer to support live music as well as the young upcoming musicians who will be the future of classical music.


    Interesting thread!

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