Do you study music theory in your harp lessons?

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    Kela Walton on #166503

    I am a student working on my Master of Music degree and writing a
    paper for my harp pedagogy class about teaching music theory to

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #166504

    Actually, I am a harp teacher, and my students range from nine years old to
    60. My name is Elizabeth Volp?. I always throw in theory as part of the lesson,
    because it is so important for harpists to understand what harmonies they are
    playing. Without an understanding of keys and modulations and modes, it is
    nearly impossible to make musical sense of your pieces, and it is also much
    harder to memorize. There are excellent theory books by Mark Sarnecki.

    unknown-user on #166505


    laura-stokes on #166506


    Denise Olson on #166507

    My daughter age 11, studies harp with Donnelle Page and piano with Nina Black.

    Clara Wang on #166508

    I’m a 12 year old, and I study with Franziska Huhn. I do study theory in my lessons, and I spend about 30 minutes per lesson. I don’t really know if what my teacher uses could really be classified as a book or not, because it’s a big binder full of papers on theory, and she also has some notes that she took herself when she was learning theory. I think that studying theory is useful, because it makes reading the music a lot easier, because you can recognize chords faster.

    janelle-lake on #166509


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