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    your first public performance/gig, what ever the case may be?


    In a solo capacity, not including solo-ensemble recitals in junior high band,


    AH, come on now . . . I thought I’d see TONS of stories this morning!



    I remember my first solo performance with Orchestra. I was in 7th grade and wearing high heels for the first time. I finished playing Alberstotter’s Concert Ballade with the orchestra and was stepping down the stage stairs in front of the audience when my heel slipped and I went bumpity Bump on my butt down the stairs. Talk about being embarrassed


    What I consider my first solo performance was at Lincoln Center at a workshop for Opera is Instrumental. We were playing excerpts from Donizetti’s Elixir of Love. I was a senior in High School, and my one song in about an hour of music was the Una Furtiva Lagrima aria. It went really well, except in the first rehearsal the conductor sang the vocal line because of all the rubato and would drop out and come back in other areas so I got so lost the first time I played it! lol


    In first first grade I wrote, choreographed, directed, designed costumes, and starred in a musical comedy/drama entitled “The Little Lost Valentine” which sadly does not survive in manuscript, but according to Mrs. Baker

    was the smash hit of the Hanover Avenue School theatrical season.

    Does that count?


    I played my troubador harp behind the perfume counter of a nearby Powers Department Store, what Xmas music I could. She was annoyed I didn’t bring my pedal harp, but I couldn’t have gotten it there.


    HI Kay:

    Interesting topic. My first public performance was about 4 years ago. I played in a recital–about 20 harpists. Half kids/teens..the other half adults.

    It was surreal, considering I had started the harp as adult, had no previous musical training, and


    I honestly don’t remember the first time I ever performed in public… I assume it must have been an ‘end of the year’ ‘recital’ at the music school where I was taking lessons. I was 7 or 8 by that time so I don’t think I was that nervous.

    The first time I played in church, though, was a total disaster. I had decided to play everything by heart and of course I had a blackout in the middle of the piece… I sort of forced myself to go on and eventually managed to finish it. Most people really liked the harp playing, fortunately.

    Other ‘disaster’ story: I had to play a christmas song (my dancing day?) with two other harps. I and the other harpist got confused so both of us sort of stopped at the same time, and the poor third harpist just continued playing the chords – she basically played solo for about 1,5 minutes.

    David Ice

    My first public performance was at Hollywood Presbyterian Church, playing the Robert Shaw/Robert Russell Bennet “Many Moods of Christmas.”

    Minnesota Harpist


    Where did you get the music Dreams?


    My first grade class performed “The Last Unicorn”, and I learned theme song by ear on the piano, so they let me play it. I was dressed like a turtle.


    OK – I need to hear more about the turtle outfit.



    I know there was construction paper involved. I mostly remember the turtle shell that was tied on around my shoulders and I vaguely remember a little green hat. I was also told that even though I was a turtle I still needed to play it in tempo. I was trying to be authentic. :oP


    SO CUTE – just wonder why you weren’t dressed like a unicorn?


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