Do you let others touch/play with your harp? Why or why not?

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    Alison on #235311

    Depends on the instrument, I certainly don’t let audience members and fellow orchestral players who rush up to my harp to admire it (with their hands) get anywhere near it, I deflect their arm and hand away as they stretch out and likewise I tend to guard other players’ instruments after a concert when they are fetching their covers. People come up to it for a closer peek then turn around with a rucksack and back into it, whilst they gaze around the hall or cathedral! But a small instrument bought to share with pupils is okay, so long as it’s supervised and the harp isn’t pushed forwards and over.

    Philippa mcauliffe on #235430

    I am far, far more worried about it getting hit during a stage change/interval or a pile of amateur orchestra people coming on and off if I have dashed to the ladies and left it than I am about people trying it. If you have clean hands and no sunblock on I will give you a tiny lesson….I find people very careful and tentative. On the other hand it has very nearly come to grief twice in 10 years on stage from so called stage managers. On one occasion a friend in the audience shrieked at the piano movers to stop just in time
    as it came within an inch.

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