discount from L n H?

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    judy-wong on #147182
    Dear all, do you know how can i get discount from L n H? I want to buy a new harp or a used harp from it. I asked the company if it offers discount and it replies no. I believe there is some dealer programme? Thankyou.
    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #147183

    I think you have to buy or sell quite a few of their harps to become a dealer. And then you might get 10% off. Not that much. If you want a real discount, buy one second-hand.

    Katherine Denler on #147184

    Watch for a CPO (certified pre-owned) deal — sometimes they have really fantastic ‘discounts’. Also, the classifieds section of this website has some discounted harps as well.

    judy-wong on #147185

    Thank you for your advice, Saul and Katherine.

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