Disc Mechanism on All Strings?

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    balfour-knight on #187003

    Some of my harp friends and I have been wondering why pedal harps do not traditionally have disc mechanisms on all the strings. It would seem like a great advantage to harpists to have this control over ALL the strings of the harp. My Lyon & Healy 85 GP has only one string at the bottom and one string at the top without mechanisms, but I would love to have the discs on those two strings! It would save having to retune the Low D to D flat when I need that note, and also the Top E when I need E flat! Does anyone have ideas on this subject?

    Thanks, friends!

    kreig-kitts on #187033

    I don’t think there is enough room for an action chain that would accommodate the extra discs. They’d have to make the harp bigger with a longer neck. And that would create empty space people would want to fill up with strings even if they couldn’t have discs, and then we’d have 50 string harps with no action on the bottom and top.

    balfour-knight on #187166

    Thanks so much for responding, Kreig! That all sounds plausible to me. Wonder what Carl Swanson would say?

    balfour-knight on #187514

    Do your harps have disc mechanism on all the strings? Just wondering.

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