Dip Mus at the Cleveland Institute of Music???

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    unknown-user on #84535

    Does anyone know what the Dip Mus course is at the Cleveland Institute of Music?

    I can’t find it on the CIM website anywhere

    unknown-user on #84536

    I have not heard of this qualification in association with American Institutions before. I have heard of the Artists Diploma (Art Dip) and the Post Graduate Diploma (PG Dip) but not the Dip Mus.

    From “googling” the term it

    unknown-user on #84537

    I have just checked that link to Ms Giles website and it does clearly state that she gained

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #84538

    She may have simply substituted terms. A graduate diploma program in music in the U.S. will be more focused on performance alone, and may not include any coursework. They exist at the Master’s and Doctoral/Professional level, ie. graduate and post-graduate or Professional Studies.

    unknown-user on #84539

    Can you just

    unknown-user on #84540

    hello Natty.

    I am

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