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    shoshanna-godber on #226728

    I started with an iPad 3 and ForScore about 4 years ago and last year I upgraded to the 12.9 pro. I love the larger size, but I do find that it is trickier to position to eliminate glare when playing outside. I’m always under cover, but I still find that the big screen catches glare in a way that my smaller iPad never did. It’s never a problem inside, and sometimes I’ve been very thankful to have the extra light from the screen to illuminate my strings if the indoor lighting is poor. I have imported some documents by scanning with an actual scanner, but I find that the files created by my scanner were quite large (mb wise I mean). Most of the time I make do by scanning it directly into the iPad using the scanner on the “Notes” app. After a bit of practice I think you can get pretty good results this way, and it is so much less work than scanning to a computer and then moving onto an iPad.

    Gretchen Cover on #226741

    Soshanna, you can adjust the pixels on your scanner. I scan at 400dbi. You could do 150 or 200, depending on your scanner and what works for you.

    Also, a reminder to put a glass screen protector on your tablet. I think Zagg is the best quality. Zagg may have a glass screen protector to prevent glare. You might want to check. Be sure to use the more expensive glass. Plastic only protects the screen from scratches; glass protects your tablet screen from breaking. I dropped my phone onto my iPad Pro. The screen protector shattered but my iPad was fine. (I have a screen protector on my phone, too.)

    Debora LaMarchina on #226823

    I want to sincerely thank all of you for your input! I spent 3 hours at Bedt buy yesterday examining iPad pro and then the Surface Book 2 13.5″ screen. Has a stylus as well and Gorilla Glass no cracking, etc. I like noth ipadpro w forscore AND surface book 2 13.5″ dual laptop and tablet, full computer all in one. I’ve spoken directly w developer of MMobile Sheets pro and thank goodness it turns pages w a tap if finger or swipe like ipad… just dont want to bring, plug in, deal with a bluetooth pedal.. fyi: the Surface can sit vertical or horizontal attached to its charging base charing… in case it wasnt charged enough at home… so excited to make the decision… whatever it may be and get digital!

    Gretchen Cover on #226824

    Great that you are making such good progress. Sooner or later, you will find you need the foot pedal. It makes playing so much easier not to have to tap the screen. But, you can deal with that later. There is enough learning curve to just set up your in whatever device you buy. Check out tutorials on YouTube. Make sure they are current, though.

    Debora LaMarchina on #226825

    Gretchen.. you are right. I was onto a video on youtube that a lady used.but it was a out 4 years old! They dont even make the samsung 12 2 anymore! Between my harp, amplification, effects, extension cord, stand, unloading, tuning.. I’d just like to take 1/4 a second and tap page…. the pieces I’ve been working on lately… are busy pedal pieces..just cant do one more lol lol.

    emma-graham on #226873

    The point of a Bluetooth pedal is that you don’t have to plug it in. It connects wirelessly. Just put it on the floor, switch it in and away you go. With only one page at a time visible on the tablet (unless you use it in portrait and have two, small pages visible) there are twice as many page turns.
    I never though it would be something I wanted to do either but turning pages with my foot became so easy that I now find myself randomly stamping in the empty floor if I try to play from actual paper!
    I also use electric harp with a looper and various other effects pedals. One more makes no difference! 😂

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