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    Does anyone have a suggestion for a digital recorder to use for practicing? Most digital recorders are for voice/speech but not for music. I am not looking for a high end recording device for professionals—just something to record myself playing to help me with different aspects of my practice or to record the left hand playing and listen to it while practicing my right hand, etc. I have been playing for about one year and think it could be helpful. It could also be handy to have at my harp lessons sometimes to have my harp teacher record a piece I am learning so I can hear the timing, rhythm, etc. Does anyone use something like this?


    I bought a Jazz camcorder for $30. at Big Lots, then $10. for the memory card that fits it.


    I am looking for an audio recorder NOT a video but thanks.


    Hi, Karen. An advanced google search of this site will produce a number of threads, like this one:


    I would highly recommend the H2 Zoom. You can get one for around $100 if you look carefully (I know several people who bought them off eBay with no trouble). That might be a bit more expensive than what you’re thinking, but the recording quality is excellent, and it’s very easy to use. Plus, you can listen back to what you just recorded from the device, and it’s also easy to upload the recordings to a computer. I know many other musicians who use them for everything from band rehearsals to practicing to live recitals. It’s really an investment, and can be used for a lot of things. If you can spare the extra $, it’s totally worth it.



    If it’s only for practice, a good cassette recorder will work as well as digital, and they are very inexpensive now. You also need a good microphone with it, though.


    I have a Zoom, and it is a bit complicated to use, which is distracting when practicing. I would recommend tape instead.


    Thanks to each of you for your posts. I think the Zoom is more inline with what I am thinking of but would like a simplified gadget since I am really only wanting to use it to practice and sometimes to put on my computer to put on my iPod or send a song to my parents or something.

    Is anyone familiar with Musicians Friends Hand-Held Stereo Digital Recorder?

    here is the link if interested:

    It looks more simplistic and the price point reasonable.

    Thanks again. I love this forum and so fabulous to have a harp community.


    I think you can do those things with an i-phone or blackberry or some thing like that.

    Chris Asmann

    I will second the vote for the Zoom H2. Mine is about 6 months old now and I’m still happy with it. It has many options, but the ones you actually need are easy to find and use.

    It’s recording quality is great, with the internal microphones or an external one. Runs a long time on 2 AA batteries or you can use included AC adapter if it remains in one place most of the time.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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