Difference between L&H Prelude and Salvi Anna

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    unknown-user on #168304

    Howdy there all

    I’m a brand new harpist in the NYC area doing the rental thing from L&H. While I will be starting on the Troubadour ( predicting that my
    interest will continue ) I will probably upgrade ( and purchase ) to a larger lever harp. The Prelude and Anna seem like the most
    realistic choices. They seem nearly identacal from the discriptions given at the L&H webpage, and I’m not sure I can make a trip to
    Chicago to play both instruments. Do they simply sound different? Does the Anna have the performance levers that the Prelude has?
    is this why the Prelude is a bit more expensive? If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

    unknown-user on #168305

    Hello Patrick;

    Nadia Tjahja on #168306

    Dear Patrick,
    If you ask my opinion then you must take the Salvi Ana.
    The Salvi Ana is made of the best wood and it gives a pretty sound.
    The prelude gives a other sound its I think a little lower then the


    unknown-user on #168307

    I have played both harps at the Sylvia Wood Harp Cewnter in Glendale. I have to tell you after much searching and trying out of harps I bought the Prelude harp.

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