Difference between LH 30 and 23

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    Gretchen Cover on #71348

    Other than the style, is there a difference between the Lyon Healy Style 30 and 23?

    catherine-rogers on #71349

    I have a friend who owns both, and she and I have always felt the 23 has a warmer sound while the 30s we have heard sound brighter. Of course, that kind of thing is very subjective.

    Gretchen Cover on #71350

    Thanks for your insights. It is amazing how different harps can sound.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #71351

    There is also a slight difference in the quality of the wood used. The more expensive the harp, the longer it is aged.
    Some 30s have a big sound, suitable for orchestra. My friend says to her they are all tight. The ones I have known have all been very different from each other. I think 23s are more consistent, have a well-rounded, warm, pear-shaped tone.

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