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    Hello everybody
    in order to be able to stay in the States for another two months I have to have a harp from mid September to mid October. It is very difficult to find a place where I could rent a concert harp. Does anybody here have an “extra” harp or know somebody who doesn’t need there concert harp anymore? I’m staying in Alamo, Nevada and am willing to travel pretty much anywhere in California, Nevada or Utah.
    I’m a young professional harpist and am visiting the states from Switzerland. I am staying with some family I’ve got here. I have been here for four weeks. I have concerts coming up in Switzerland the end of October which is why I have to start practicing again, the latest by September.
    So if anybody could help me out with a concert harp, it would just be terrific!
    Please help me, that way I could stay here longer and enjoy this beautiful country.
    Please contact me: 702-544-0157

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