Delius Cello Concerto

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    niina on #145165

    I’ve just been given 3 weeks to learn the Delius Cello Concerto piece. On the whole it’s not difficult, until you come to bar 81 where there are about 30 pedal changes in 6 bars. Including the section before this, there are 93 pedal changes in 23 bars. Has anyone played this piece, and how on Earth did you manage the pedal changes from bar 81?! I was told by the conductor, to play anything even if they are the wrong notes, as long as I come in on time, but because it’s also going out on Classic FM, I’m not prepared to do that :/ Any advice please! Oh, and I’m the only harpist playing.
    I also have the Florida Suite and Peer Gynt to do at the same concert.
    It must be possible to do in the time normally, but, I was also given the Handel Harp concerto to do for the 14th Nov (never played it before)for a paying audience, plus 3 Conservatoire audition pieces for Nov and 3 grade 8 pieces for Dec.

    Niina (Quaking)!

    P.S. I uploaded an image of the offending passage on the new site under ‘Repertoire’.

    kimberly-rowe on #145166


    Wow, that does look like a bear! Thanks for posting the picture. Here’s the link if anyone wants to check it out:

    If you enter this piece in the library and tag it in your forum post, your question will be attached to the piece so future generations of harpists will be able to easily see the conversation. This is a great example of what we’re trying to do with the “pieces” library, in case anyone is wondering…. I’m sure anyone else who plays this piece would be interested to know about good markings!


    niina on #145167

    Hi Kim
    I have just added it into the library. When you say ‘tag it’, how should I do that, with a link?


    kimberly-rowe on #145168


    GREAT! Thanks! To tag it, type the @ symbol before the name of the piece. The piece should appear in a menu and you can choose it and hit enter.


    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #145169

    The most important thing is, what is the tempo?

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