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    carl-swanson on #197362

    I just got an email from Kathy Bride about the Carl Fischer Edition of Debussy’s Sonate for flute, viola, and harp. She was coaching a group and the flutist found a mistake in the flute part. It is in measure 161, end of the third beat.  The note printed is an E, but it should be an F#. Again, this is in the flute part.  UGH! You can’t imagine how many times I, and two other people, proofed the galleys, and we proofed probably 5 or 6 rounds of galleys, and each time found mistakes(fewer each time, but nevertheless mistakes). Proofing music is one of the travails of Hercules!

    john sacchi on #197371

    nothing gets past kathleen bride 🙂

    carl-swanson on #197373

    Actually it was the flutist she was coaching who caught it. Kathy emailed me to ask if in fact this was a mistake or if Debussy wrote it like that.  The same figure appears on the previous page and is an F# there. Thus the question.  Debussy tended to make little changes to the same figure that repeats in a piece. But not this time.   I had to pull out the manuscript and sure enough, it was a mistake.  So far, it’s the only one in the printed edition that anyone has found.  I already emailed my editor about it, and before the next printing, I’m planning on going through the entire Sonate again to see if I can find anything else.  Kathy has been using this edition exclusively since it came out and she loves it.

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