Debussy Sonate Corrections

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    carl-swanson on #209504

    There are two corrections that need to be made to the Carl Fischer Edition of Debussy’s Sonate pour flute, alto, et harpe. One of these was an engraver’s mistake which none of us caught when proofing the galleys. The other is a case of misreading Debussy’s microscopic handwriting in the original manuscript. In both cases, there were three of us going over the manuscript and the galleys, and we all missed them!!

    Both corrections are in the flute line. The first is at rehearsal number 5 (measure 63). The flute, in all editions, plays a high G on the downbeat. In the manuscript that note is a high A(one step higher than the printed G).

    The other correction is at measure 161, again, in the flute line. At the end of the third beat, there is a printed thirty-second note E. It should be an F#. It is only the second E in the measure that should be changed, not the first one! This one was an engravers mistake that we didn’t catch.

    carl-swanson on #209512

    I should add here that I’m working with Carl Fischer Music to get these corrections into the new printing, whenever that is.

    lollyburg on #209539

    Thanks for this, Carl! Are there any other corrections to the parts? Not sure if you have made any previous posts to that effect. I am looking forward to playing from your edition with my university colleagues on a November recital.

    carl-swanson on #209541

    Laura- There are no other corrections.

    lollyburg on #209581

    Thank you very much! The edition is so beautifully prepared. I would have had to read the manuscript with a magnifying glass.

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