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    william-nichols on #166154

    Hi. I was wondering if there are any pieces for harp by Debussy that are not that difficult. I am thirteen and have just got my first pedal harp. I really enjoy Debussy’s music and i would really love to play some of his. I have tried Clair de Lune but its way to hard. Could I need some suggestions. Please reply.

    Jennifer Newth on #166155

    Hi William,

    La fille aux cheveux de lin (The Girl with the Flaxen

    william-nichols on #166156

    Thanks Jennifer.

    I have heard the girl with the flaxen hair. Its so beautiful. Is there a particular place I could order it from?

    Jennifer Newth on #166157

    You can get it from, here’s

    william-nichols on #166158

    Thank-you Jennifer. 🙂

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #166159

    Reverie is a piece that is rhythmically tricky, but otherwise quite straightforward, and very pleasurable. It is also very good for technical development. I think there are several available transcriptions.

    william-nichols on #166160


    I have been thinking about doing that one but i just wasn’t sure.

    patricia-jaeger on #166161


    Both Barbara Brundage and Phyllis Schlomovitz have written easier versions of some lovely Debussy harp solos. Your teacher can surely guide you in finding these through the catalogs of major harp music dealers. Salzedo arrangements tend to be a bit daunting for someone new to pedal harp and in your age group.

    barbara-brundage on #166162

    Well, to be fair, my Clair de lune isn’t really any easier than the original–just has the necessary changes to accommodate the levers. The Victor Coeur pedal harp transcription would be pretty much equivalent in difficulty to my lever version, I think.

    carl-swanson on #166163

    William- Don’t turn your back on music by Marcel Tournier. He was a contemporary of Debussy and one of the best composers for the harp we have ever had. Try his Offrande. It’s printed with another easy piece and both are called Deux Pieces Facile(or Breve et facile, I can’t remember right now).

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #166164

    I find Salzedo’s transcriptions to generally make pieces more accessible. Clair de Lune, on the other hand, is an extremely hard piece to do well, in my experience. The great thing is that you have so much to look forward to, you can spend the rest of your life working on pieces by Debussy, which is wonderful. Do your fingertraining now, get them to work well, to be able to play different patterns.

    william-nichols on #166165

    Thank-you for your encouragement and advice 🙂

    william-nichols on #166166

    Yes. I can only play the first bit of it. The Bits after that are extremely hard. Thank-you for your encouragement. They are really nice words. Thanks

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