Debussy Danses Rantses

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    sherry-lenox on #145959

    I’ll be interested in hearing it, so I hope it will be recorded. I like his violin concerto, but it’s

    unknown-user on #145960

    I am very hopeful. I hope she inspired him to write a superb work. Her previous commission from Moreno-Buendia resulted in one of the finest works for harp and orchestra ever composed. Previn’s record is pretty uneven, but he’s a pretty good choice. How wonderful of the orchestra to support her that way.

    unknown-user on #145961

    Did anyone hear this concert? If so, what was thought of this piece?

    Lizary Rodriguez on #145962

    Hello Saul,

    I do not think the “Suite Concertante” by Moreno Buendia was commisioned by Gretchen Van Hoesen. “Suite Concertante” was written in 1958 and it was awarded “Premio Nacional de Musica” in Spain the same year. The first performance was by Marisa Robles with the RTVE orquestra in 1974, subsequent Robles recordered with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Ms. Van Hoesen gave the first performance of the piece in the US… I agree with you,

    unknown-user on #145963

    Has it been published then? I received obstructive answers when I inquired about it. That explains a lot.

    sherry-lenox on #145964

    Is anyone learning the Previn piece?

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #145965

    Dear Clint,

    do you know who the American agent is for Ediciones Musicales Contemporaneas?

    sherry-lenox on #145966

    Is there a recording of the Previn Concerto available for purchase?

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #145957

    I’m sorry, but I just have to complain. I am so tired of harpists not playing the rhythm correctly in the beginning of the Danse Sacree by Debussy. It is a triplet, not a quarter followed by two eighths or any other variation.

    Here is a tip to get it right: As you are counting while the accompaniment is playing, count your part in triplets. When you play that first triplet, for all anyone knows, the whole piece will be in that rhythm. The triplet should not be a surprise. The following duple rhythm is the surprise. It is not so hard to go from triplet to duple, so just work on getting that triplet feel completely ingrained, please!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #145958

    Not that I am so perfect, I only thought of this approach a couple of years ago…

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