Date/location of Gliere Concerto premiere?

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    ina-zdorovetchi on #148315

    Hi! I am looking for info about the date/location of Gliere’s Harp Concerto world premiere. I got some word-of-mouth insights on this, but none have been verified and unfortunately, I don’t have much time to do some thorough research on the topic.

    If anyone has exact information about this, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

    mr-s on #148316

    Привет Ина i think it was played in Moscow by X.ERdeli first as it was composed for her, and the date should be 1938. but i will check it more.

    Katherine Denler on #148317

    Excerpted from N. Shameyeva’s The Development of Harp Music in Russia: XXth Century:

    The Concerto by R. M. Gliere (1938)

    From the 14th to the 30th of November, 1938, the Second Decade of Soviet Music was celebrated in the concert halls of Moscow. Along with the new compositions by A. Khachaturian, V. Muradeli, S. Prokofiev, R.M. Gliere’s Concerto for harp and orchestra was performed by the Honoured Arist of the Russian Federation K. A. Erdeli and conducted by L.P.Schteinberg (23 November 1938).

    (p. 46)

    The paragraph goes on with a quote by Erdeli about

    mr-s on #148318

    Katherine you are exactly right, you remind me in the Book of Madam Shameeva,i had lost the book but found it.

    ina-zdorovetchi on #148319

    Dear Katherine and Mr. S:
    Thank you so much for this information! It is very helpful and luckily, it came in just in time to be added to the printed program notes. Thank you, again!

    Happy Spring!
    ~ Ina

    HBrock25 on #148320

    Здравствуйте Инна!
    Очень рады, что Вы исполните концерт Глиэра в Хайфе 3 апреля! Будет ли видео запись?
    Если Вам нужна ещё информация про Глиэра – спрашивайте меня по
    Я до 9 апреля в Нью-Йорке, вчера вернулся из Бостона.
    Кирилл Новосельский-Глиэр,
    правнук композитора

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