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    How difficult would you rate this piece?

    Verkholantseva Anna

    I would say its not so difficult for professional harpists


    Well, it is quite a handful, and seems to take a lot of energy! I should have known, being that it is by Damase.


    I always say that Damase tends to evercomplicate his music, without the need to…


    I spent a lot to photocopy the score and make a cut-and-paste solo part. Having done that, it is suddenly falling into place, and is much closer to being comfortable. I guess I have left that plateau. I wouldn’t necessarily say he overcomplicates his music, but he definitely writes thicker chords than are necessary and has this unfortunate tendency to go to sharp keys at the climaxes, which require so much more pressure on the string. I guess the higher tension of the strings equals higher energy for him, though the sound is tighter, so it has a logic to it. I am also certain that the more of his music that you play, the easier it becomes.


    For Russian harpists Damase concertino is not difficult, but i agree with you Saul it takes a lot of energy……………privet


    privet Anna , kak zhizen?


    The Damases’s Concertino in the difficulty degree 1-10 (10 the hardest),
    it would be 7. Not so difficult, ask Anna said.
    Priviet Anna i Sara. Tschastie oboim!.


    Some of it will never be comfortable because of his chord spacings: third, fifth, second for example. Some of the rhythms and tempi are unclear. It is not an easy style of music to play very well. It seems light, but that is only the surface.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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