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    carl-swanson on #147999

    I just received word that California harp technician Dale Barco died last night. This is very sad. For decades Dale was the go-to guy for anything and everything to do with harp maintenance and regulation. In many ways he was my mentor. I will miss him terribly.

    catherine-rogers on #148000

    He was such a swell guy and such fun to talk to. I have fond memories of Dale at a harp conference sharing photos with us of the Lyon & Healy 3 he rebuilt for Jack Nebergall. What an artist!

    steven-todd-miller on #148001

    Carl, losing a mentor is a very difficult thing. One of mine was actually not in the harp world- Lloyd “Bud” Tygett, director of our local ballet company for decades, was one of the most amazing and talented people I ever had the privilege to learn from. I always forget just how incredible his theatrical and musical knowledge was until I’m involved in a stage project or creative endeavor; I am shocked to see that what I’ve come up with is just like what he would have done! My sympathy to you and to his family.

    barbara-low on #148002

    Oh, sad news. Dale was such a nice guy.

    HBrock25 on #148003


    unknown-user on #148004
    Hi – my guess is that you don’t have Jack’s style 3 – first of all, it was entirely cobalt blue with the gold including the soundboard, and second, I saw it used in a video from the San Francisco Opera after your purchase date – sorry to hear about your problems with the repairs on you 3 –
    patricia-jaeger on #148005

    I am so sorry to hear this sad news. Dale worked on some of my harps over the years. At more than one harp Conference he would join John Escosa, Jack Nebergall, and DeWayne Fulton at a table and they would enjoy time together; now all four of them are gone. I like to think that somehow their spirits can now get together again…….

    David Ice on #148006

    Oh, I think they are all together….and they are aware of us.

    mr-s on #148007

    Sorry Carl and my big condolences for you.

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