cruise ship ?

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    Hey, does anyone know

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    Hi Nicole,

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    I worked for a while on one of Cunard’s ships and had a wonderful experience.

    emily-granger on #152130

    I was actually reading through these answers, and I have a question! How did you go about getting these gigs? Did you mail a resume to the cruise lines or audition or what? Thanks for any replys!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #152131

    My experience was limited to this: I was booked by the New York office of Cunard to perform on the QE2, transatlantic round trip. I had the choice of that or the Nova Scotia route up and down the coast.

    diane-michaels on #152132

    I worked aboard both the QE2 and the Radisson (now the Regent) Seven Seas Navigator through a contract with Bramson Entertainment (

    HBrock25 on #152133

    That sounds like a very interesting experience. A few questions… where did you put the harp when you were not using it? Where did you practice? How long did you practice for? How many ports that you were docked at did you get to go out in total?


    Mel Sandberg on #152134

    I have often seen Onita Sanders of Suman Entertainment asking for a harpist on this Forum.

    patricia-jaeger on #152135

    There always seems to be a classified ad in the back pages of International Musician magazine, requesting readers to play on cruise lines. This magazine is only received by professionals, members of American Federation of Musicians.

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