Cruise ship wisdom?!?

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    elisa-thorn on #148078

    Hi! Does anyone have any pearls of wisdom for me about working on a ship? I’m about to sign a 6 month contract with Azamara but I’m sort of terrified…

    diane-michaels on #148079

    Ways to stay inspired with all of the playing: Bring a lot of new music with you to learn. Practice in your cabin (that may mean removing furniture to make the harp fit). Set goals during certain sets – sight reading, improvising, chord substitution. Work on the service side of your job – making eye contact with every guest who walks into your lounge or passes by, greeting them with a smile, learning their names, favorite tunes…

    Ways to take advantage of life on a cruise ship: Sign up to host shore excursions, if that’s an option (it’s a free means of doing some really fun things in ports). Find the non-tourist ways to visit ports (where it’s safe, hire a cab for the day to get away from the ship, for instance). Some crew members bring bikes to get farther away. Attend lectures, shows, demonstration and take advantage of your passenger status. And enjoy!

    kay-lister on #148080

    I read once (could have been in the Column), that it is a good idea to take bungy cords in case of rough seas.

    kay-lister on #148081

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