Could you help: Arrangements for intermediate level for songs like Moon River, Over the rainbow, Summertime etc.?

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    Anja G on #103014


    I wanted to ask, whether you could give me some advice on sheet music for popular songs like “Moon River”, “Over the rainbow”, “Summertime” etc.?
    I am looking for arrangements (lever or pedal, both are fine) that are not too hard to play, I am not an advanced player! I played “Angel” in an arrangement of Paul Baker and found that quite nicely, so this is the kind of level I am on! Do any of you have any suggestions? I would be very happy and thankful!
    Thanks and greetings, Anja

    andy-b on #103015

    Hi, Anja:

    Sylvia Woods has an arrangement of “Over the Rainbow” for lever harp that is quite nice. It’s also available as a PDF, so you can download it and print it from your computer.



    Anja G on #103016

    Hi Andy,
    thank you very much, I think I will try this! Did you play it yourself?
    Greetings from Anja

    barbara-brundage on #103017

    For Summertime, Mimi Allen had one in the old Salvi Pop Series that had a shorter version for lever harp and a longer one for pedal harp. I don’t think it’s still available as a single sheet but it’s in one of the collections of those pieces.

    Also, Louise Trotter has both lever and pedal arrangements. I haven’t seen them, but I’ve seen her play the lever harp version and it’s probably easier than Mimi Allen’s.

    Paul Baker also has a pedal harp version, which is published by Vanderbilt, but I don’t know anything about what it’s like.

    barbara-brundage on #103018

    Oh, and Paul also did Moon River. Angi Bemiss has an arrangement, too.

    Amber M on #103019

    Rojean Loucks has arrangements for (I think) all of them…I know she has Over the Rainbow and Moon River for sure.

    Stephanie on #103020

    Angi Bemiss has an excellent arrangement of “Moon River” and has arranged many pop and Broadway standards.

    lisa-fenwick on #103021

    I play all of the songs

    Anja G on #103022

    Hello to you all,
    thank you very much for your advice, they were very helpful to me and I will definitely try out several of your sugegstions!
    Thanks a lot to you all,

    unknown-user on #103023

    I am a harpist and I love the arrangements of Sharon Watson. Check out the link below for her American Standards book… There are a lot of what you mentioned. Great stuff!!!!

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