Could anyone name this harp?

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    Linden Lin on #69727

    In this video, the harp’s sound is lovely. I’d like to know what kind of harp it is.

    john-strand on #69728

    Looks to me like a Salvi Apollo – when I shift the image to full screen you can see the “twistings” on the column

    I think some of the sound quality is being affected by the amount of reverberation in the hall and the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any close mike to the harp –

    Sid Humphreys on #69729

    I agree, it appears to be the Salvi Apollo. What lends to the wonderful sound is the fact that the harp is very much in tune. So many harpists post video without carefully tuning. The tone of her playing in this video is also wonderful. This artist has done a great job preparing for this piece.

    A John also stated, the hall has contributed to the tone here. I personally experienced this natural amplification at the Interfaith Peace Chapel here in Dallas. It really sounded like the harp was amplified!

    tony-morosco on #69730

    I’ll third that. It’s almost definitly a Salvi Apollo.

    Charles on #69731

    Yep Salvi Apollo.

    Linden Lin on #69732

    Thank you John, Sid, Tony, and Charles! I appreciate your guys’s efforts to help!

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