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    Kristina Finch on #187979

    I have only done costume work once personally. I performed at Colonial Williamsburg as Thomas Jefferson’s daughter (who was a harpist) and had to wear the full colonial garb: corset, hip extenders, and an extremely heavy dress. It was a less than thrilling experience for me as a young harpist and afterwards I swore I would never do costume work again…

    Flash forward to now… I am coming to terms with the idea of playing with angel wings on… for the right fee of course.

    Has anyone else done any costume work? How do you feel about this topic? Please share stories, good and bad!!!

    Sylvia on #187980

    Go for it. Angel wings are no problem…done it twice. The halo needs to be secure.

    Emily Granger on #188125

    Oh yes! I’ve had to dress up as the Good Witch of the West, a Greek Goddess (for Brooks athletic shoes at the Chicago Marathon with the shoes on as well!) and many angels. I second Sylvia and say, go for it! Of course add a little fee for the costume 🙂

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