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    Brittany Huynh on #166911

    hi I’m christy, and Im really confused on what to do…ive played the
    piano for approx. six years now, and it’s really nice and all, but i
    also wanted to learn how to play the harp. In fact, i ve wanted to
    learn how to play the harp for many years now, but i didnt know when
    to start.

    unknown-user on #166912

    Before I took up harp I played piano for several years, when i actually started the harp I found some of the stuff I learned while playing piano helped me progress at a faster rate. It was really hard work doing both at the same time, so if you want to keep both make sure you have the time. My advice is try the harp, its a great instrument and find out which one you like best if you dont have the time for both.

    unknown-user on #166913

    I played violin for 10 years for picking up harp, and I’m self-taught. If you really want to play the harp, then just do it. Find a harp, and just PLAY! If you can’t afford one on your own (and don’t worry, not many can…), then just tell your parents that you’re really interested in harp, and that you need their help to pay for it. FYI, lever harps run between $2,500 and $5,000. Pedal harps, depending on brand, model, and size, will run from $8,000-$50,000. Rental payments will vary per music store, and harp brand, but can run from $50 a month, to about $300 a month.
    I know you didn’t ask for prices, but I’m sure you needed to know. The harp is a wonderful, unique, and FUN instrument to learn, so have fun while learning! If you parents worry about the money, tell them that in about 2 or 3 years when you have acquired the necessary technique and repertoire, then you can play for weddings and funerals and so on, and earn money there.
    I agree that piano is too common…they’re EVERYWHERE: church, home, school, sometimes work (well for me), etc.
    Good luck, and feel free to ask as many questions as you can think of. We’re here to help you and support you! Have a good day!

    unknown-user on #166914

    Hello Christy,

    I agree whole heartedly that piano is too common! There are so many pianist out there that you have to be very good to ever do anything with your music. Where as harp, there always seems to be something out there that people want a harpist for.

    I have only recently started playing the harp (about a year now), and absolutly LOVE it! I would highly recomend learning the harp. I also played the piano for several years before I started harp, and found that it was very helpful in the prosses of learning harp.

    Another thing is that I would definitely get a teacher for the at least the first year or so! There are so many posture and technique things to learn, that it is very important while you are getting started.

    I hope that this has been helpful…And keep us posted on your decisions!


    unknown-user on #166915


    unknown-user on #166916

    Learn the harp. Definitely. You will love it, and I don’t understand why it is not more popular. However, be very prudent and do a TON of research. Get a teacher if possible, as hand problems sometimes develop if you play the wrong way too long. Even if you can only have a lesson once a month, or even once in your harping career, try to get one. Also, the thread “buying first harp” is a very useful one for selecting your harp.

    unknown-user on #166917

    Suzanne, I don’t agree with your

    kay-lister on #166918


    Run for that harp and don’t look back. If you have the chance go for it!!!! I played piano since I was 6. I’m now 52 and only did I get the chance to play harp at age 47. If I had only had the chance when I was younger. You only go around once in this world. Grab that dream (NOW)

    Fairy Reel on #166919

    Hey Christy,

    Piano may be common, but good pianists are not. I have a very musical family and started playing the

    unknown-user on #166920

    I started playing piano before harp and learning to sight read and learn the music REALLY helped with harp. I suggest to try harp and see if you like it. If you don’t, you can always go back to piano.

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