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    Eliza Fichialos on #234900

    Hello! I am a harp student looking to learn my first concerto. I am currently in Suzuki Book 5. I am looking for recommendations around that level. (Intermediate?) The concerto should be for harp and full orchestra. Thank you!

    Victoria on #235098

    I am not familiar with the Suzuki books levels, but the Handel concerto would probably be a start? The original version (not the Grandjany or Salzedo ones) is quite simple…it’s not full orchestra though.

    Philippa mcauliffe on #235270

    What does your teacher say? I agree maybe urtext Handel or The Vivaldi Concerti – I think they are D major and C major – arranged by Kathy Bundock Moore are the easiest. Not for full orchestra either! Maybe Dittersdorf (or one movement of it). I think all those are on you tube. Isn’t the Suzuki graduation level 4 piece Handel 1st movt?

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