Concedo strings–any photos/vids of how they look?

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    Gregg Bailey on #255715

    I’ve been curious about the Concedo strings by Bow Brand, but I haven’t been able to find even one photo showing what they look like on a harp (or off a harp, for that matter!); the artsy image on a Concedo string package of one octave of them on a harp doesn’t seem to give a strong impression of what they really look like. I’m curious to see how bright the white strings look and what the visual effect is of all of them looking the same and of all being opaque. Has anyone tried them? In addition, I see that the Concedo C’s and F’s cost a little more than the regular Bow Brand C’s and F’s, but what is the difference, since those are already coated with a color in the regular Bow Brand line??

    emma-graham on #255819

    Amy Turk uses them. Check out her YouTube videos.
    I used them for a while (just because a harp I bought was strung with them) They were useful in dark playing conditions but very, VERY white in normal use. I didn’t like them. I felt the sound was a bit clearer when I re-strung the harp (a LH 11) with normal now brand strings.

    Gregg Bailey on #255820

    Thank you for your reply, Emma! I was starting to think no one would post a response. I’ve seen some of Amy’s older videos, probably before Concedo strings were a thing (aren’t they a fairly new innovation?). I just watched one of her newer videos. The strings definitely look whiter. I get the feeling they look better on darker harp bodies than on lighter ones.


    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #256211

    I conceived of Concedo strings at least thirty years ago or more, because I noticed that the dyed strings did not break when tying a knot, they were more flexible than the natural strings. I suggested this back then, and when they began making them, I wasn’t notified, so I’ve never tried them. I am now using Bow Brand heavy-gauge gut strings and love them. They’re not actually heavy, they’re the original gauging before they were thinned back in the ’90s.

    Gregg Bailey on #256212

    All very interesting, Saul! So is there more tension with the “heavy” (original) gauge strings than with the now-regular gauges? Why were they thinned–was it due to complaints regarding tension? How does the sound and feel compare between the 2 gaugings?

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