Complete Restringing Suggestions Please

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    pluck on #190327

    Hi Everyone! I’ve had my L&H 85CG stay at a family member’s home while I was out of state for about 4 years. I’ve got it back now and would like to restring it, but there are several broken strings. What would be the kindest way to go about doing this? I’ve always left complete restringings to the techs and changed out basses or octaves myself when needed. Should I just go down the line and change to change each string first octave down to basses? Should I bring it up to pitch immediately or gradually? Bring A’s, B’s, C’s, etc. up to pitch per octave to even out the tension? Does it even matter?

    Thanks for any suggestions or tips!

    catherine-rogers on #190330

    Start at the top or bottom, whichever you prefer, and bring each string up to pitch or even a hair sharp as you put it on. I like to start at the top since the first octave nylons take the longest to hold pitch. As you work your way down, continue to tune each string you’ve already changed in addition to the one you just put on. Wires hold their pitch quicker than the rest, as you know, so I leave them for last. Tune it every time you look at it or walk by it. Have fun!

    pluck on #190335

    Thanks for the advice Catherine. I’m saving up for a new set, they are so pricey!! I seem to remember there were certain times of the year when strings would go on sale. Do you remember when this is?

    Biagio on #190363

    In this case I would start in the middle, and go down, then back up – one string at a time. My rationale being that I don’t want to stress the soundboard any more than necessary and the greatest stress is from the fifth and sixth octave down. So I also keep those lower frequency strings about a whole step (or more) below the actual pitch on the first pass, especially the wire core ones.

    Sorry to come in late on this one:-)


    balfour-knight on #190365

    Good advice, everyone! Check with Vanderbilt or Lyon & Healy to see when they will have a sale on complete sets of strings. Also, the Atlanta and Virginia harp centers.


    pluck on #190496

    thanks for the great advice everyone 🙂

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