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    Nelleke Kerkhoff on #168232

    Hi, I’ve been playing harp for a year now, but it’s not my own.

    unknown-user on #168233

    Many purchase a lever harp as it is much more reasonable in price.

    unknown-user on #168234

    Hi Nelleke,

    I suspect you are Dutch…
    If so, and if you’re living in Holland, you might want to consider this:
    I am Dutch and lived in Holland, now in the US for 2 years but I’ll move back in 1 year.
    When I needed a pedal harp, I first rented a Lyon&Healy style 21 from my teacher for 2 years. (so 1 possibility is: renting a pedal harp).
    Then, 7 years ago, I bought my own Salvi Aurora in Switzerland. How? My father was able to take an additional loan to his mortgage (like people do when they buy a new kitchen or so). So, apart from the 5.000 guilders I saved, he payed for the harp. Each year I am paying him at least the interest he owes for the extra loan. What I can save extra I give him to pay off the loan, which of course makes the interest lower for next year, etc. etc.
    I know not everybody is as lucky to have a father who wants that and can do it but it could be a possibility. At least I feel more comfortable having a loan with my father that he doesn’t even ‘feel’ than with some company. Plus it’s less interest (especially after tax deduction) than a personal loan at a bank or so.
    Good luck!

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